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We have instituted new shipping charge options to help you when you need just a few bottles of polish or gel.

After all, we LOVE polish and we strive to bring you the best prices and that should include shipping. 

1-2 bottles of polish or gel now only $4 shipping First Class

3-4 bottles of polish or gel now only $5 shipping First Class

5+ polish or gel and all other products $8 flat shipping charges USPS Priority



Clinically proven - physician approved

This Maximum StrengthAnti-Fungal is a safe, topical treatment effective against fungus on the toes or fingers.

Anti-fungal kills fungus by inhibiting growth and reproduction of the fungal cells at the site of the infection. It is important that the product is applied until it is all as an new spores are also killed and the chain is broken.



Strengthening/Ridgefilling Base Coat for Nails

FOUNDATION is a seriously effective answer to the question "What is the best Nail Strengthener/Base Coat in the world?"

Available in 4 'strengths' according to your nail analysis. Size 15ml

It dries Matte and therefore has the ability to hold Nail Varnish much longer than a normally glossy base coat. In addition it smoothes out ridges and other nail imperfections.

FOUNDATION I: for healthy nails
FOUNDATION II: for soft/peeloing/weak nails
FOUNDATION III: for Hard/Brittle/Dry nails
FOUNDATION XTRA: for Damaged/After Acrylics nails



Strengthening Base and Top Coat for Nails

NAIL TEK REGULAR: This product really is 'multi-use'. It can be used as a glossy Base Coat/Nail Strengthener straight on to the Nail, or, perhaps as a gloss 'Treatment Top Coat' on top of Nail Tek Foundation.

It is also wonderful to keep up the 'freshness' of your nail 'regimen' when you are at home. Best Home Care plan is: Foundation on the Nail then 2 coats of colour (if you are using colour).....followed by a Coat of Nail Tek Regular Strengthener - every day.

Available if 4 'strengths' according to your 'Nail Analysis' 

  • NAIL TEK MAINTANENCE: regular/healthy nails
  • NAIL TEK INTENSIVE THERAPY: soft/peeling weak nails
  • NAIL TEK PROTECTION PLUS: dry/damaged/brittle nails
  • NAIL TEK EXTRA: damaged/after acrylics nails

Every 7-10 days take the whole lot off and start again!

IMPORTANT: Use Cuticle Oil AT LEAST once a day.



A natural blend of extra fine Cuticle Oils with Tea Tree, Johoba and Vitamin E

This beautiful product is exceptional because it also contains Tea Tree Oil which works as a mild anti-bacterial agent.

Massage Renew into the Cuticles every night - pushing the Cuticles back at the same time. (The effect of this regular massaging is that the condition of the tissue, at the base of the nail, is improved so that when blood, on its journey round the body, arrives at the base of the nail, it is able to 'drop-off' more of the nutrients that help the nails grow even better).

As an extra feature Renew is brilliant at stopping Cold Sores or making them go away quickly....apply 4 or 5 times a day as soon as the first tingle is felt.



Cleanses, Primes and Reinforces

A Manicure is in 2 halves. Firstly the Filing and Cuticle work and secondly the application of Strengtheners and Colour. (15ml)

It is absolutely important that any oil or debris residue is removed from the nail before painting... otherwise it is possible it will peal off!

Step One is a Multi-fruit-alpha-Hydroxy-acid complex (AHA) and it cleanses and primes the nail for out- standing Base Coat/Strengthener performance & Colour retention.



Polish Drying Drops

Nail Tek 10-SPEED is the fastest way to dry polished nails to a smooth, glossy finish. Just one or two drops applied over freshly polished nails accelerates the drying time and extends the wearability of the manicure. (15ml)

With 10-SPEED polish will be dry to the touch in one minute and completely dry in 5 to 7 minutes.